Unified seismic bulletin from phase-arrivals of national and regional permanent seismic networks in Italy.

Md scale calibrated with station corrections on Ml MedNet

Review of deep earthquakes, for the strongest of them Mb from ISC Bulletin or Mw from CMT-RCMT

In the framework of GNDT “Probable earthquakes in Italy between 2000 and 2030: guidelines for determining priorities in seismic risk mitigation” (scientific coordinators: A. Amato and G. Selvaggi) the goal of task 2.1 was the compilation of a catalogue of Italian earthquakes for the period 1981-2002. We worked on three different aspects; A new association of seismic events and phase arrivals from permanent networks operating in Italy in the period 1997-2002, earthquake re-location for the entire 1981-2002 seismicity, and local magnitude estimates.
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