A new seismicity map of Italy

AA GIS system managed the earthquakes catalogue previously transformed in a data-base, in order to draw a new seismicity map of Italy. The map show 45.000 selected earthquakes which have a location rms smaller than 0.8 s, epicentral errors less than 4 km (10 km for deep earthquakes) and an azimuthal gap less than 180° and 240° for shallow crustal and deep events, respectively.
Most of the earthquakes have magnitude lower than 4.0 and are located within the Earth’s crust, in the upper 12 km. Only 33 earthquakes exceeded magnitude 5.0 in the period between 1981 and 2002, and the largest event is the 1997, September 26, Umbria-Marche earthquake (Mw 6.0).
The map emphasizes the close relationship between seismicity and topography in the Apennines, and also the high seismic release in active

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volcanoes (as Mt. Etna) and offshore northern Sicily. A concentration of subcrustal and deep earthquakes is evident in the Southern Tyrrhenian sea, where the Ionian lithosphere subducts beneath the Calabrian arc. The largest deep earthquakes in the period occurred on 1994, January 6th in the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, with a moment magnitude (Mw) of 5.8, at 200 km depth.